Is Your Computer Data Safe From...

Fire & Smoke Damage
Sprinkler Damage
Flood or Storm Damage
Electrical Spikes
Lightning Strikes
Blackouts & Brownouts
Human Error
Computer Crash
Hard Drive Failure
Computer Hackers
Virus Activity... and more

What's At Risk...

Databases & Spreadsheets
Contact Lists
Passwords & PIN Numbers
E-mails & Correspondence
Internet Settings
Computer Settings & Programs
Customised & 3rd Party Programs
Personal Information
Sensitive or Private Information
Word Documents
Pictures & Graphics
Intellectual Property
Presentations, Proposals & Marketing

& Tenders

Legal Documents
Accountancy Programs
Invoicing & Accounts
Investments & Financial Data
Company & Staff Details
Payroll & Superannuation Details
Taxation & BAS... and more

Every business, no matter how large or small requires an efficient and complete backup system

Imagine if losing your data meant losing your house, your car, your kids education and your lifestyle.

We've seen people lose these things by not taking the procedure of backing up seriously.

Insurance covers your building and equipment losses, but not your computer contents.
Too many people underestimate the devastating effects data loss could have on their business and their lifestyle.


Datanational Remote Backup Systems...
will backup your data daily in a systematic and reliable manner for less than it costs to do it yourself. Next Page


Datanational is an Australian company (Brisbane based) offering a tried and proven industry product of fifteen years.

In the United States and the UK, a remote backup procedure is a mandatory part of daily business, yet here in Australia, securing your business data is all too often considered to be an optional extra.

We offer the following information to bring focus to a widely misunderstood and often forgotten procedure.

We are confident you will find the solution, simple and effective as many others have.

Mark Whitlock (Co Founder)

Automated backups for less than it costs to do it yourself.
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Backup and retrieve data anywhere anytime.

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