How To Join

It's easy ...

Datanational will supply the software, installation and training to your business FREE on a 12 month contract. All you pay for is your data storage.

An average size business typically costs $3.30
a day including GST
(tax deductable)

Note: In most cases a network does not require a separate plan for each computer. (Plans are based on storage size only)

FREE Trial Offer

If you like the concept of a reliable automated offsite data backup for your office, we offer you the opportunity to experience this product for a FREE14 day trial period.

For full details on how to join the growing number of companies, small businesses and individuals using Datanational Remote Backup Systems...

Call us direct on 1300 13 20 25
E-mail Us at [email protected]

Food For Thought ...
What would be the cost of not backing up!!
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There is no hardware upgrade required to operate the Remote Backup Software, it only requires an Internet connection.

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Automated backups for less than it costs to do it yourself.

Backup and retrieve data anywhere anytime.