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Who can benefit from a Remote Backup System?

Almost any business of any size in any industry and people on the move with laptop computers.

Can anyone read my information?

No one can read your information, not even Datanational. Your data is password protected and encrypted BEFORE it leaves your office.

Can anyone obtain my information by mistake?

No two customer accounts are the same, your data is encrypted with a software key. The key is identical only with the duplicate encryption code at Datanational created on installation. This will not allow cross communication.

Do I need to upgrade my computer?

There is no hardware upgrade required to operate the Remote Backup Systems software, it only requires a standard Internet, ADSL or Cable connection.

What happens if the Internet is down?

The software is designed to reconnect until successful.

Do I have a legal obligation to backup?

Did you know that under Australian law, financial documents including E-mail must be kept for at least five years? Legal advice indicates local business should review their procedures or risk heavy penalties through non compliance.

How much security is enough?

Some companies spend a small fortune on data security and protection, and while these things are necessary, they won't stop data loss. So when you lose data, ensure your lifeline is the best.

Why is Datanational a better backup system?

Full Backup of Vital Computer Files
Daily Incremental Backups
Data Is Archived
Password Protected
Security Encrypted
Off Site Storage
Quick & Simple Information Retrieval
Time Efficient & Cost Effective
Automated for Reliability
Compatible With All MS Windows
Requires No Hardware Upgrades


Datanational Remote Backup Systems
is the most sophisticated, reliable and secure method of backup available.

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For security...
Your backup data is password protected and encrypted before it leaves your office, using an encryption level far higher than online banking.

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Consider this...
If your insurance company covered data loss...
The best you would receive is a monetary payout !
So... What price would you put on your data ?

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